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Tongan academic urges a wider view of democratic models

28 October 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

Political scientist Dr. Malakai Koloamatangi warns Tonga cannot afford to be insular and will need to incorporate the political ideals of other democratic models that best suit the country.

Kingdom of Tonga flag. Photo/ Google.

The Tongan-born academic has been part of the two-day National Dialogue on Democracy symposium which wrapped up in Nukualofa yesterday.

Dr. Koloamatangi says the symposium has given all sectors of the Tongan community a chance to revisit their model of democracy ahead of the general elections next month.

“In terms of the kind of democracy that Tonga is looking for, I don’t think it would be healthy not to take in to account the kind
of democratic models that you find outside of Tonga.”

The Director of Pacific Studies at Massey University, based in Palmerston North, says “most people understand that it has to be
a combination of desires of the local population plus what is good from outside of Tonga".

The Kingdom of Tonga's general election is set for November 16.

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