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Tahitian high priest features in Captain Cook documentary

27 September 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

A documentary screening in Wellington tonight retells the history of Captain James Cook's travels through the Pacific in 1768.

The documentary, Tupaia's Endeavour, highlights the significant role a Tahitian high priest played in helping Cook engage with indigenous communities throughout the Pacific.

Award-winning artist and film-maker Michel Tuffery says history conveniently left out the intellectual prowess of Tupaia as a navigator and chief negotiator for the British colonists.

"He was the translator, he was the navigator," he says. "What's so great about this guy is that he's bringing the intellectualism that was really given no acknowledgement... They [Europeans] don't look at us as the intellectuals." 

Tupaia's Endeavour will be showing tonight as part of Siapo Cinema 2017.

Tupaia's Endeavour. Photo/ Youtube: Michel Tuffery. 

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