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Pohiva confirms he will stand in upcoming Tonga elections

31 August 2017

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Tonga's interim Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva. Photo/ Tagata Pasifika.

Tonga's interim Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva says he will run again in Tonga's new election later this year.

[TONGAN] "Ko 'ene tu'u 'i he taimi ni, 'i he anga 'eku fakakaukau, kuo pau pe keu kau 'i he fili koeni koe 'uhingaa he 'oku kei 'i ai 'a e ngaahi ngaue ke fai. Koe ngaahi visone koee 'a e motu'a ni pea moe pule'anga lolotonga, na'a mau fononga mo ia 'i he hala fononga ko eni na'a tau kamata mai ai, 'a e pule'anga fo'ou, 'o a'u mai ai ki he 'aho ni, 'oku te'eki ai ke kakato."

"In the situation that we're in, I believe I must stand again in this new election because there's still work to be done and visions that I and the current government have, that have not been accomplished."

King Tupou VI dissolved parliament last week and commanded a new election be held before November 16.

In an interview on Radio 531PI's Le'o 'o e 'Otu Felenite Tongan programme, Pohiva says he found out only three hours prior to the government gazette being released and had to call the Minister of Police to confirm it was true.

He says he's concerned as to how and why the New Zealand media knew before people in the Kingdom but says the most important thing to him now, is the peace and prosperity of the country.

Pohiva admits that his government wasn't always perfect but says they served no real reason for such a sudden end.

He'll be running again in the new elections and says he feels a responsibility to fulfill the visions his government had for the Kingdom.

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