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Pacific fashion hits the runway in the heart of South Auckland

29 August 2017

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Pacific Fusion Fashion Show in Otara. Photo/ PRN.

Four Pacific designers were named winners at the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show in South Auckland over the weekend.

Afa Ah Loo from the USA, By Karen Abdul from Melbourne and New Zealand's Layplan and VAB Designz won special passes to attend this week's New Zealand Fashion Week events.

Pacific Fusion Fashion Show Director Nora Swann, says the success of the night shows that high-fashion lives in South Auckland.

"Some people found it hard to picture a sold-out high-end fashion event in Ōtara, let alone it being a runway down the middle of the Town Centre," she says. "We were always confident that we could do it and that we would find designers and an audience who would want to attend. We know the talent is out there and we hoped our community would support it."

Pacific Fusion Fashion Show Director, Nora Swann. Photo/ PRN.

One of the eleven designers, 'Amelia 'Unufe, showcased her line Unufe Designs for the first time.

The 22-year-old Tongan says she loves that her runway debut was in Otara.

"When I heard it was here in the hood I thought it was perfect," she says. "South Auckland is the heart of Pacific and having the show here makes it more of a family environment."

Designer 'Amelia 'Unufe (right) at the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show. Photo/ PRN. 

She says the fashion show has given her an opportunity that would be harder to find in the mainstream fashion industry.

"Pacific people have so much talent and we don't know how to use it," she says. "This is one stepping stone to a higher future."

Unufe Designs showcased at the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show. Photo/ PRN.

Unufe Designs showcased at the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show. Photo/ PRN.

More photos:

Afa Ah Loo. Photo/ Supplied.

By Karen Abdul. Photo/ Supplied.

Layplan. Photo/ PRN.

Layplan. Photo/ PRN.

Layplan. Photo/ PRN. 

VAB Designz. Photo/ PRN. 

VAB Desingz. Photo/ PRN.