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New Zealand softball legend switches to baseball

29 August 2017

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New Zealand softball legend Eddie Kohlhase is of  Samoan and Fijian heritage. Photo/ Zimbio. 

One of the world's greatest softballers, Eddie Kohlhase, has switched codes, joining the board of Baseball New Zealand. 

The former Black Sox player and coach has joined the campaign to take the baseball Arizona Diamondbacks to Olympic glory.

"I want to start to get the conversation going between both sports for the betterment of our athletes."

His 19-year-old son Joseph has recently been awarded a baseball scholarship to attend a university in San Mateo, California.

Kohlase is now pushing baseball as the best option for teenagers seeking university scholarships and a professional career. 

"Baseball offers the opportunity, unlike men's softball, to pursue a different pathway and that includes an academic pathway and a professional pathway for those that are good enough."

Kohlase's Samoan-born father, Eric, also played for the Black Sox and his late brother Chris, was the coach of the Samoan softball team. 

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