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Media summit in Tonga tackles issues affecting the work of Pacific journalists

10 May 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

Tongan publisher and award-winning journalist Kalafi Moala says court sentencing in the Kingdom, for serious sex offences, is too light to deter offenders.

Kalafi Moala. Photo/ PMN.

Speaking to Pacific journalists at a media summit in Tonga, Moala says judges are putting character referrals above the suffering of victims, and it's a serious problem.

"It's a major concern that we have here in Tonga... A person can go to jail and serve a prison sentence for six months or two years for rape, when the victim or the young girl that's affected, it has an impact on her life for the rest of her life."

Pacific journalists from across the Pacific region, including New Zealand, are in Tonga this week for the 5th Pacific Media Summit.

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