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In The Studio: Minister for Building and Construction, Minister for Ethnic Communities Jenny Salesa

31 October 2017

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Jenny Salesa, the new Minister for Building and Construction, Minister for Ethnic Communities, Associate Minister for Education, Associate Minister of Health, Associate Minister of Housing and Urban Development and Labour MP for Manukau East, joined Brian Sagala on Pacific Breakfast this morning.

Salesa says she's confident the new Labour-led government will be able to produce 10,000 quality affordable homes under their Kiwibuild policy.

"First, we will pass the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill. This legislation will require all of our rental homes, be they state houses or be they privately-owned houses, to be warm, dry and healthy. Second, we will ban overseas speculators from buying any of our existing houses. Third, we will be issuing instructions to Housing New Zealand to stop selling off our state houses."

As the Minister for Ethnic Communities, Salesa says she will help the government achieve its priorities that affect the ethnic communities sector. 

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