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Green Party Leader committed to pay equity and sustainable industries

27 October 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

Pay equity and clean sustainable industries were at the heart of Green Party Leader James Shaw's address to the Council of Trade Unions this week. 

The newly-appointed Minister outside Cabinet says raising the minimum wage is also a big part of their agenda.

"Low pay is heavily gender-biased," he says. "By ensuring that women get paid the same amount as men for the same kind of work, you'll actually start to lift the average minimum wage dramatically."

James Shaw. Photo/ Green Party. 

He says automation and climate change are changing the economy and the Greens are committed to supporting people and businesses to adapt to these changes.

"There's a particular project around pay equity that Julie-Ann Genter, who's the new Minister for Women, will be driving through both the public and the private sector."

Green Party leader James Shaw was sworn in yesterday as Minister for Climate Change and Associate for Finance as well as Statistics.

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