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Forum Chair says an apology won't cut it from China

06 September 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

Nauru's President Baron Waqa says he's going to demand more than a formal apology from China over being yelled at by the head of delegation during partner dialogues with Forum Leaders.

Nauru President Baron Waqa. Photo/ PMN.

The President, who takes over as the Chair of the Forum Leaders, says the incident, which involved the official in a prolonged back and forth demanding the Leaders go to the vote on whether he could speak before the Prime Minister of Tuvalu on the issue of climate change, has disrespected the regional Forum Leaders.

The official ended by walking out and leaving officials in his delegation to take his place at the table. 

President Waqa says the disruption was so serious, he's going to ensure the global community knows what happened and take it all the way to the United Nations.

"We will go further than that, I tell you. We won't just seek an apology. We will actually do it go through the Forum, and do our own [as Nauru], and take it up at the U.N."

He says he intends to mention the incident at every international meeting he attends. 

"Never mind that they're so big or they're our partners," President Waqa told journalists, "they should not disrespect us."

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