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Father of 5-year-old boxer being bashed online

29 August 2017

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Lesli Falefehi. Photo/ Supplied.

The father of a 5-year-old boxer says he's received negative feedback for teaching his daughter the sport.

Tongan father Kato Akeripa Falefehi, uploaded videos of him and his daughter Lesli Falefehi boxing at their home in Australia. 

Mr Falefehi says people are bashing his parenting skills online.

"The whole point of her doing it is because she wanted to do it and she loves to do it," he says. "A lot of people say she's only five and I don't know what she likes but at the end of the day it teaches her self-defence especially being a girl, she can stand on her own two feet."

Lesli Falefehi has since signed up to boxing classes.

Listen to full interview below with Reporter/The Cut host Levi Matautia-Morgan:

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