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Church leaders await response from Samoa PM to meet over taxing ministers

14 June 2018

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Leaders of the Congregational Christian Church in Samoa are awaiting a response from the Prime Minister to meet and discuss their disagreement over ministers paying income tax.

Photo/ RNZ.

A new law in Samoa to start taxing the incomes of church ministers is set to begin next month. 

Samoa's largest church EFKS is refusing to pay the tax.

Dunedin's Samoan Methodist Church Minister Reverend Tualagi Ah Yek says it's going to be a huge issue for Samoa's government.

"I do believe that there will be a big shift if EFKS don't want to pay their tax," he says. 

"That will be a big issue for the government of Samoa because the majority of the people of Samoa belongs to the EFKS."


Samoa church in standoff with PM as pastors refuse to pay income tax

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