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Celebrity chef Peter Gordon to get a taste of Niue

28 September 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

Niueans will get the rare privilege of watching Kiwi celebrity chef Peter Gordon work his magic using locally sourced food ingredients.

Peter Gordon at his Auckland restaurant. Photo/ The Sugar Club. 

The London-based chef has been invited by Niue Tourism for an exclusive four-day food tour.

Niue Tourism CEO Felicity Bollen says they've organised guided foraging visits to honey and vanilla farms and local garden plantations before Peter Gordon cooks a banquet using Niuean ingredients.

"He's going to cook for us on Saturday night and then on Sunday we've got a lunch at the New Zealand High Commission where he'll cook a meal for everybody," she says. 

The village of Hakupu will host Gordon next Monday night to a traditional feast and serve the local delicacy of uga. 

Tickets to the event have been snapped up in no time and guests from overseas will be flying to The Rock tomorrow exclusively for the tour. 

Niuean uga. Photo/ Pinterest: Anne Strickland. 

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