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Candy Lee crushing critics in the ring

14 September 2017

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New Zealand's first transgender sports entertainment wrestler is 22-year-old Samoan, Leilani Tominiko, also known as Candy Lee.

Candy Lee. Photo/ Supplied.

Tominiko is part of the women's division in New Zealand's Impact Pro Wrestling Company and made her debut last year.

She says she has no advantage over other women wrestlers in New Zealand.

"Pro-wrestling is more entertainment but being transgender, I'm on estrogen and testosterone blockers so my body is basically female so I don't feel like I have a strength advantage."

Since talking to media, Tominiko says she's noticed a number of people disagreeing with her presence in the women's division.

"I see a lot of ignorance and comments that are mean."

She says more people need to be educated on transgenders and aspires to be a part of WWE one day.

Listen to full interview below with sports reporter Levi Matautia-Morgan:

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