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A push for United Nations to recognise climate-induced migration

07 December 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

Non-government agencies in the Pacific are joining civil society representatives from around the world to launch an official declaration on climate-induced migration.

Just over 800 delegates, in Suva this week for the International Civil Society conference, are determined to get climate refugees recognised by the United Nations.

Pacific Islands Association of Non-governmental Organisations CEO Emele Duituturaga says they are encouraged by New Zealand's open stance on humanitarian visa for climate refugees.

"There isn't any policy anywhere in the world that addresses climate-induced migration and we've been encouraged to hear New Zealand open petition on that," she says.

Emele Duituturaga. Photo/ OCTA.

"There will be a declaration on climate-induced migration that will be launched by International Civil Society, to encourage government and the UN to adopt that language."

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